About us

Our company - Our team

We are a team of passionate professionals Playmobil world. Aware of the large number of fans and the need of new parts for the large number of new dioramas and private collections.
This company is aimed at those collectors, customizers, distributors or new fans to the world of Playmobil customizing.

We started over a year ago. The road to get here was not easy. But in all this time I received a lot of confidence from my first customers.

Starting a new business is difficult, I have to imagine new pieces, 3D design, prototype, etc ... and sometimes (not very often) cleaning my workshop ... but you know what? I've never been so happy

A new idea.
Steck and Playmobil have been us in the last 40 years. In this company we want to combine your imagination and all parts of steck and plalymobil cutom in the world. Dioramas, exhibitions, own collections or just for fun our pieces are to complete, create, make or become reality all they ever imagined scenarios.

During this year we have managed to meet orders in almost everyone with a better understanding of online sales and different delivery methods as far away as New Zealand or Canada.

I found my passion, this is what I want to do, this makes me happy, I love my job.

My goal is ambitious, I want to create all the parts you've always dreamed of but never thought it could be real, I want to help you in your projects, dioramas or scenes. I want to hear what you need. .

Let me help and build together,